Leaving NYC

For a few years I have been seriously wondering what it would be like to leave NY permanently.  I have relatives in the pacific northwest and that area is appealing to me for several reasons: green technology, progressive, liberal social views, asian friendly.  How lovely to see my niece and nephew more than twice a year; not to walk or MTA it everywhere carrying my bundles like a sherpa; to have a bedroom and space for a guest; to have elbow room as I go through my day to day life. 

Of course nothing is perfect.  It is gray and rainy there a good chunk of the year.  Without sunlight,  a community of close friends and doctors around me (at least in the beginning), would I fall victim to depression?  It would be optimal to make my current job portable and carry on as usual in another state.  Could I make everything work?  Can I create a new comfortable life for myself at 50something?

I have made some baby steps toward my Relocation plan.  I spoke with my manager last year and she was supportive.  But then she left the company.  I consulted with a career coach (I know, sounds Yuppie but he has truly been helpful, kind of like a therapist for my work life).  I even contacted a moving company about potential costs associated with moving my studio apartment possessions to the west coast.

But now I’m stuck.  I can’t bring myself to do this enormous life changing move completely by myself.  Meaning I don’t want to create a new life on the west coast, all by myself.  Floating around in a spacious one-bedroom apartment.  Can’t I meet a nice mensch in NYC who also happens to want to move to the pacific northwest?  I wonder if Mr. Midwest on eharmony has ever traveled to the pacific northwest? 

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