Staying au courant

I answered my land line (yes, I have one!) telephone this evening and spoke to a guy from Verizon Wireless.  Normally I would cut him off before he finished his first sentence but not this time.  (Perhaps because subconsciously I knew what he was going to ask me?)  He went through his polite introduction and then he said it. “I’ve been reviewing your records and your current cell phone is out of date.”  OK, OK, I KNOW.  For a few months now my office mate, who’s 30something, has been urging me to update my old flip top phone.  She, of course, has an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Wi Fi in her apt, and she watches Netflix movies on her TV, streaming through her laptop.  She can hardly believe that I still listen to music CDs and that I watch Netflix movies on my DVD player.

Yes, I am the old fart who doesn’t have an iPod.  But I do use iTunes to download music (I burn my playlist onto an old-fashioned CD) and I like to listen to some of their internet radio stations.  I know someone at work who doesn’t have an ATM card because she feels safer going to see a teller.  I asked her if she ever ran out of cash, and she shook her head.  Of course she hoards cash in her apartment (somewhere in NYC, I won’t say where).  OK, I’m not THAT fearful of technology, but I’m not that at ease with it either.  At least I’m smart enough to have a young office mate who can answer all my technology questions when I get tripped up. 

Mr. Verizon Wireless wants to sign me up for another two-year contract and send me a new phone (at no extra cost, he says, when I send back the mail-in rebate).  I can upgrade to a new Samsung with a full keyboard?  Why yes, I certainly do text.  He should know that I have never switched wireless carriers, that I’m not a risk, but why say anything.  Even if I move out of NY, I don’t have to change my number?  How convenient.  On Monday I’ll have to ask my office mate how to send a photo message on my phone.

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