Chronic pain

My first bout of sciatica has taught me a lot about chronic pain, and it makes me more sympathetic with those who self medicate.  With my history of family members and friends with addiction problems, I have a low threshold for those with substance abuse issues.  But when you are dealing with chronic physical pain on a daily basis, it makes you wonder.  I have always had a high threshold for pain: emotional and physical pain.  To deal with emotional pain I have sought help from wonderful psychotherapists.  Pharmacotherapy also provides welcome relief from one’s own faulty biochemistry.

But chronic physical pain is something else.  Just getting up from my office chair, turning to open my desk drawer…these simple physical tasks causing sharp pain in the glutes, hip, quads.  For an active, fit, athletic person, this is not easy to deal with.

So I’ve been using the pain to gauge my healing process. I haven’t used medications to lessen the pain.  I’ve sought multiple therapies to heal my body. I am grateful to my chiropractor, massage therapist, strength trainer.  I will give financial gifts, I would even consider sexual favors (haha) to repay these amazing therapists for their gift of healing.

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