Don’t feed Cheese Puffs to a toddler

I have to turn away when I see a parent feeding their stroller-bound baby Cheese Puffs or chips or a soda.  What chance does that child have, when he/she is an adult battling obesity and diabetes and metabolic syndrome?  Having been weaned on extremely spicy foods, I know first hand how difficult it is to change one’s eating habits as an adult.  My body craves certain foods and that’s largely a result of how I was fed by my mother the first 18 years of my life.  My diet was spicy vegetables and stews, fish, fruits, rice, a little red meat.  Today I still eat some of these same foods–albeit with a lot less chili peppers—as well as yogurt, whole grains, carrot juice, western salads, etc.

Cheese Puffs isn’t really food, it’s mostly chemicals and flavorings concocted by a food chemist.  Sodium and sugars.  Feeding this to a baby in a stroller oughta be a crime.

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