Walking can be hazardous to your health

I’ve lived in two large cities since my 30’s and I’ve come so close to serious head trauma or near death, just from walking outside. Once I was in a very bad state of mind, recently divorced and newly depressed and needing to consult with a psychopharmacologist.  I had left his office, was crossing the street, wondering what my life was, and a streetcar suddenly whizzed by. One or two feet closer and I would have been crushed badly. 

A few years ago I became convinced that it was only a matter of time before I would be struck by a cab or car or speeding bike courier.  I don’t always pay attention when I’m crossing the street.  Deep down inside I believe in rules and order.  When the light turns red, I presume that all vehicles will stop and let me pass unscathed.  I like to think that some rules do matter. Some things are clearly right or wrong.  Then a couple of years ago I had another life defying moment when I stepped off the curb at an extremely busy intersection.  A crosstown bus was actually speeding through the intersection! And the light was Red!  The only thing that saved my life, I believe, was that the driver honked.  He was doing something illegal but had the sense to alert bystanders that he had no intention of stopping for us.  One more foot and I would have been reunited with my mother. Or severely disabled.

Texting and walking down the street?  I have enough trouble just walking and getting to my destination alive.

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