My gay boyfriends

A single girl in a large city must have her share of gay boyfriends. I also happen to work in an industry that is shock full of gay men.  Today I feel grateful for these men in my life. Some of them have become like family. I read a poem (not mine) at the wedding of one gay boyfriend.  Over the years I have called upon these friends to pick me up after medical procedures that required general anesthesia.  Last week, after one such procedure, K picked me up.  I treated him to a lovely non-rushed late lunch in the city. We made each other laugh, I asked about his partner and his family, the several jobs he juggles; I kvetched about my love life and my work life.  I made jokes, he laughed and offered his smart insights.  Although decades separate us, we have a wonderful connection.  I worry about his smoking, his multiple jobs.  I rely on his technology smarts when I have problems at work, when I have forgotten (again) how to answer calls on my not-Smart cell phone.  In return I take him to Broadway plays; I treat him to lunch; I go to his off-off-off Broadway productions.  This is the way to conduct a relationship with your gay boyfriend, I have learned.

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