Salt n Pepper

I’m 52 and my hair is clearly salt and pepper.  A few years ago you could see a number of gray hairs, to be sure, but over the past year or so the gray hairs have multiplied exponentially, it seems.  Job stress? Dating stress? Or just simple aging.  I’ve never been one to pull gray hairs, why do something so jarring to my body?  What’s wrong with natural beauty?  Don’t I want to look like a mature wise woman? What’s the point of aging if I can’t look my age and be proud of it. What would Gloria Steinem say?

I can see more pepper than salt, for sure, but the balance is tipping.  And some of my gray insist on pointing to the sky, signaling their future path, and others are wiry and headed toward a tangent.  They’re all over the place, and I am slightly befuddled.  To highlight or not to highlight?

I haven’t had highlights in years, not since I turned 50.  With my hair color, a reddish auburn tint seems to work best.  But my problem is that my hair grows really fast, at least one full inch a month.  So in a few weeks after highlights you’ll be able to fully see three different colors in my cheveux: black, gray, auburn.  Three is not a good number for hair color, in my opinion.  And I always insist to my hairdresser that he/she leave me some gray because I think it’s ridiculous for a middle-aged woman NOT to have any gray.  Please.  I want to look my age, sorta.

If I manage to find a boyfriend this year, I’ll ask him what he thinks.

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