Year of Detoxification

A theme for this year is emerging and it’s detoxification.  Cleansing. Releasing toxins from my life, body, mind, soul, spirit, heart.  When I am in the Pacific Northwest, I feel like I’m on the right track. I recycle like mad, I breathe in/out fully, I stare at gorgeous cedar trees, I talk and laugh with cherished family members, I eat delicious produce from nearby farms.  Although I do my best to live a healthy life in the city out east, I feel like Sisyphus, always back at the bottom of the hill.  How do I detoxify in the city?

Stress feels like my daily companion there. Stress kills. Surely I have learned that lesson by now. A team of doctors monitors my key fragile body parts/systems. Another MRI. Another test. I am grateful for my health insurance. Grateful for friends and family who offer a safety net, should catastrophe strike.

Note to self: Detox this year.  to be cont’d




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