Cleanse thyself

Several weeks ago I had to prepare my GI tract for a test and so I sought the advice of a homeopath who recommended a place where you can get a colon cleansing.  I spent more than an hour and some serious money for this cleansing, and in my case it wasn’t entirely successful (according to my gastroenterologist the next day).  However it did get me to think about detoxifying my life.  Waste materials exist in various sectors of my life, not just in my GI tract.

I heard Bernie Glassman on a late night talk show recently and he inspired me to start reading about Zen, in my attempt to identify and eradicate these stressful toxins.  You don’t just ingest a capsule of Zen everyday and think you’re fortified, I’m learning.  It’s about transforming your mindset, and that doesn’t happen overnight.  Even when you want to change, it’s not easy.  So I’m doing what I can, learning what I can, ODAT.  Patience. Compassion.  Compassion for me, not just others.

I’d like to carry a cleansing spray in my bag, one whose instructions are 1.spray  2.breathe in  3.breathe out still silent 6. admit you don’t know  7.don’t act about it

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