Composite boyfriend

Men like to sext, and sometimes I like it too. But this week when I received two overtures on my phone, I sighed. I’d like to sext with someone who could potentially be a boyfriend. Neither of these men fit that category. Bill is 18 years my junior. I went through a phase when I imagined having a tryst with him but that is over. David is age appropriate but he currently has a girlfriend. And he’s in a different state. We’ve had Skype dates and we’ve had an on/off again cyber affair for a long time.  But he has recently moved back to his home state and he has been dating someone.  So, I can’t indulge in sexting with either of these men.

I want this composite boyfriend, a result of cherrypicking traits from various men I know.

  • well educated, well groomed, plays tennis really well, and I have so much fun on the court with him it’s nearly orgasmic (Bill)
  • Jewish, smart, sexy, attractive, financially secure (David)
  • thoughtful, funny, sensual, well built (Rob)
  • tall, handsome, gregarious, generous  (Keith)
  • kind, intellectual, reliable, adventurous  (Jerry)

Rob is a friend but not age appropriate for me. He’s also still figuring out his life and career. Keith is a good friend but he’s gay and has a partner.  I had a lovely date with Jerry, but he is nearly penniless and he’s married!


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