I love my cyberboyfriend

I can text him 24/7. We don’t make demands. We just need each other, to be there, whenever that happens to be. I can respond to him in 5 minutes or 5 days. He doesn’t complain. I can sleep with him wrapped around me. I can please him with fellatio. I can sext him during a work day. A part of me loves him. He’s adorable. He makes me laugh. He doesn’t judge me, he just wants to make love to me. I don’t know what he’s doing this weekend, but I know that eventually he will get back to me.

Yes, of course, I know this is temporary. But so is everything else in this world. For now, while I’m a bit lonely, this is like candy. And I think it’s safer to keep this relationship in cyberspace, where everything is possible, than move it into the Real World. There are no STDs in cyberspace, there are no late appointments and disappointments here. I have more control, I am having fun, and I am safe.

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