I saw my mother on Facebook, sort of

Facebook is useful if you want to stay in touch with young nieces and nephews. Recently I saw a picture that a niece had uploaded for Easter and it was two envelopes lying on a table. What stunned me was the beautiful placemats on the table. They belonged to my past…to my mother’s dining room table. I had not seen these placemats for decades.

I suppose I should be happy that they are still in our family, albeit an estranged part of the family. I will never eat on those placemats again.  And that’s OK. People do desperate things when they are young. In my sister’s case, she took all of my parents’ belongings when they vacated their house to move overseas. Our lives had always been estranged in one way or another. As adults, the intersections have been rare and not pleasant. But her kids are another story. I am not especially close to them, understandably so, but I do want to know how and what they are doing, I want them to do well. Despite everything.

I’m glad that these kids can touch my mother’s things. My mother never knew these kids but she would like that, I think.

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