Death be not proud

My good friend Jonah passed away a few days ago.  Although a funeral is understandably difficult, it is so good for people to gather together. Only as a tribe will we weather this storm. Alone, the pain is deep and can tear you apart. Together we can tell wonderful stories of times spent with Jonah. Together we can heal. What a miracle.

Loss is difficult. You are not in control of someone’s passing. You have unfinished business. That phone call you meant to make. Those kind words you wanted to express. So you forgive yourself. Jonah knew over these many years how much he and his family meant to me. All the holidays I spent with them. The support and love we felt for each other. I believe he has a smile on his face. He had a beautiful life, he lived everyday with enthusiasm and curiosity. He had a long life. He was a lucky man.

I was lucky to know him and his wife over many years.  They taught me the importance of holidays, rituals, family time. You’re part of our tribe, they said to me in many ways. You are important to us and you will always be welcome in our home. This is a priceless gift and I will always be grateful.

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