Holiday weekend anxiety

A friend once told me that she definitely has ‘good weather anxiety’–even though she grew up in sunny Southern California, she gets a bit depressed when the weather is nice and sunny. I totally get that! I have a strange anxiety when a holiday weekend looms before me. There will be nice weather, I should be outside having Fun, I should be at a BBQ with friends laughing easily and often, I should be enjoying some male company. Why is Fun and Time Off Work so competitive? Maybe I’ve been living in a big city too long.

What I really enjoy doing during a long holiday weekend is taking my time doing errands, eating delicious healthy foods, doing a bit of cooking, reading and writing, exercising, watching sports, watching Netflix–basically all the things I normally like to do during my weekends but spaced out generously.

The other day I spotted a middle-aged woman carrying a backpack with the words “Feel Free”.  Hmm, if I were a free woman, what choices would I make? If I didn’t have to do everything perfectly (as writer Julia Cameron likes to pose), what would I do? How can I be free today? this holiday weekend? Free from self-inflicted prisons, such as Fear, Prejudice, Pride, Shame ?

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2 Responses to Holiday weekend anxiety

  1. sudebaker says:

    Oh, I like this! Our culture is all about “are you having Fun?” Are you doing the latest thing? Are you hip? It sounds like you figured out a couple self-condemning thought patterns to take down. Good for you! Be free 🙂

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