Silence is golden

I was arguing with someone from work. There was a misunderstanding on one of my projects, and we were discussing the issue.  She said that the key party had made a mistake regarding syntax.  Really?  He used the wrong order of words?  What she meant to say, I believe, was ‘semantics’–that we were using the same word but it meant entirely different things to both parties.

But I didn’t want to be obnoxious and correct her. Tell her that I could not recall an egregious error of syntax in her department. Yes, your department is riddled with infighting and dysfunctional behavior. Every day. Every project, I dare say. But a syntax error I have not yet pinpointed.

Semantics, on the other hand, is a sore spot. No one seems to speak the same language in your group. There is such wholesale miscommunication in your department I hardly know where to begin. But let’s not go there.   There is so much dysfunction in your group that it feels normal to you, after all these years.  After 12 months of working on projects from your group, I am done.  I am healthy enough to know dysfunction when I see it in full living color. When it’s not even recognized as such, it’s time for me to exit.

My stress level is high. My blood pressure is high. I’m grinding my teeth during the day. My dentist is not happy. Call it syntax or semantics. I’m done arguing with you. Silence is golden. I will roar through my blog but otherwise I will be silent.

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