My plumber, myself

Two days before I was to leave on vacation, I had a leak in my kitchen. I diagnosed it, tested it, and made a plan of action. OK, this will be a test of the property management company that now takes my rent checks–how many calls will it take to get this fixed? CHILL. Don’t panic. I will get on that plane, one way or another. This will be taken care of.

When things go smoothly, I am sometimes surprised. And so a licensed plumber came to my apartment about 15 hours before I was to leave for the airport. He was all business, and within 40 minutes he had fixed the leak. I blessed him and his ancestors. I wanted to give him a fistful of cash as a tip, but he was gone before I could look for my purse. It then occurred to me that he was kinda like me–alert, professional, courteous, effective. My colleagues and managers at work should love me!

My vacation was quite lovely. I saw family members whom I deeply love; I had lunch with an old college friend and her hubby; I had time to think, write, read; I communed with nature; I walked around a west coast city on my own.

Sometimes, life really is good.

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One Response to My plumber, myself

  1. pam says:

    Hail to punctual plumbers! hail to visiting with old (really, ancient) college friends!

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