Never say these things to an Asian

A friend of mine sent me a link to an article “things you should never say to an Asian” after I told him about a recent experience.  I did not read the article but I chuckled because I could already divine some of the content.  After decades of living and working in major cities in the USA, I am still asked questions like “do you know English?”  or “You don’t speak with an accent”.

I consider the last statement to be a question because the person expects me to respond with an explanation.  How is it possible that I look Asian and yet do not speak with an accent?

Late last year I was asked both of these questions on three separate occasions and I railed against the gods.  FML. In a city like New York??  I told a few of my friends—those who are Asian and could shake their heads knowingly as well as those white friends who commiserate with minorities. A white gay friend sent me the link to the aforementioned article.

I told one of my closest (she’s Asian) friends that people who look like us will always be subject to this kind of prejudice in this wonderful country.

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