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Losing my best friend

When I was in the ER earlier this year, recovering from serotonin toxicity and one week post hip replacement surgery, I said to the attending physician, “Please save my left eye because if I can’t play tennis I don’t want … Continue reading

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August is the cruelest month

For most of my adult life, August has been the cruelest month. It wasn’t always this way. I used to get excited about the start of a new school year, saying goodbye to the long hot summer and going back … Continue reading

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Misplaced treasures

I was watching some wonderful tennis at the USOpen qualifying tournament recently and wondered why I had not been there in two years. My therapist tells me how important it is to regulate my happiness activities, that with my mood … Continue reading

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Jealousy and FB

I should know better by now, but apparently my life is a work in progress. You can be stupid, small-minded, petty, ridiculous…even at my age. I am disturbed by how jealousy, the green monster, rises from the simple-minded FB newsfeed. … Continue reading

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Holiday weekend anxiety

A friend once told me that she definitely has ‘good weather anxiety’–even though she grew up in sunny Southern California, she gets a bit depressed when the weather is nice and sunny. I totally get that! I have a strange … Continue reading

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College reunion

I saw her again last night. I had not seen her in a few years. We’ll pass each other in the grocery store or walking in the neighborhood. Last night we were on the same subway train and I spotted … Continue reading

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