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This past week I spent nearly six hours with my sister, visiting her at a renowned cancer hospital. After many years of not speaking, only exchanging a few cursory emails a year, we had our reunion in a hospital room. … Continue reading

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Misplaced treasures

I was watching some wonderful tennis at the USOpen qualifying tournament recently and wondered why I had not been there in two years. My therapist tells me how important it is to regulate my happiness activities, that with my mood … Continue reading

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My gay boyfriends

A single girl in a large city must have her share of gay boyfriends. I also happen to work in an industry that is shock full of gay men.  Today I feel grateful for these men in my life. Some … Continue reading

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A 30something girlfriend recently asked me if she should try Jdate.  Yes, I’ve been on it myself and No, I didn’t meet anyone through that dating site.  I cautioned her against it.  But you’re not Jewish, I said.  Of course … Continue reading

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Stay calm & continue to carry on

It keeps on keeping on.  More staff turnover at work.  I struggle to stay calm.  I struggle to carry on.  I start to panic–it feels like a mutiny, and why am I still standing?  Where’s my raft?  Everyone who is … Continue reading

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Keep calm & carry on

This week was brutal.  Multiple staff turnovers announced at work, resulting in my own group being shorthanded.  Leaving my tennis club one day, I wasn’t paying attention to cars since the main avenue was cleared of traffic for a street fair.  Then … Continue reading

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