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I am surprised to find a person important to me opens the door

I traveled softly in warm air, clouds and stars, surveyed our planet from my safe pillow-filled boat, landed my craft on a speckled whitegolden shore, stepped into salty shallows that slapped my ankles, stepped inland as Lyndsay spoke, into the … Continue reading

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Date Eliot?

I saw Eliot Spitzer at my health club a couple of years ago. At that time he was not in the spotlight, this was before his re-emergence on CNN and talk shows.  He seemed to be alone, he was in … Continue reading

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Loveless sex, I don’t wanna be ya

Of course I knew it was a mistake. I knew it before, during, and after. I had known that for many years, that loveless sex is not for me. But sometimes you say Yes because you’re human, it’s a full … Continue reading

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August is the cruelest month

For most of my adult life, August has been the cruelest month. It wasn’t always this way. I used to get excited about the start of a new school year, saying goodbye to the long hot summer and going back … Continue reading

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Rodrigues, life as art

I recently watched the award-winning documentary about Rodrigues, aka Sugarman. As he quietly lived his life in Detroit, his music was resonating with a young generation of Afrikaaners. One person writes a CD liner note, wondering about who Rodrigues is. … Continue reading

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Listen to your friends

I got some good advice recently. A very old friend of mine told me to protect myself, that my current “beau” is emotionally unavailable for a real relationship.  I’m watching this carefully, I stammered. Yeah, she said, I think you’re … Continue reading

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Father-daughter reunion

I am mesmerized by a picture of a friend and his daughter. As a divorced dad, he sees his daughter twice a week. In this picture, he is kneeling to be closer to her 6-year-old frame. Their shoulders touch but … Continue reading

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