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Jealousy and FB

I should know better by now, but apparently my life is a work in progress. You can be stupid, small-minded, petty, ridiculous…even at my age. I am disturbed by how jealousy, the green monster, rises from the simple-minded FB newsfeed. … Continue reading

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Rodrigues, life as art

I recently watched the award-winning documentary about Rodrigues, aka Sugarman. As he quietly lived his life in Detroit, his music was resonating with a young generation of Afrikaaners. One person writes a CD liner note, wondering about who Rodrigues is. … Continue reading

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I love my cyberboyfriend

I can text him 24/7. We don’t make demands. We just need each other, to be there, whenever that happens to be. I can respond to him in 5 minutes or 5 days. He doesn’t complain. I can sleep with … Continue reading

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Staying au courant

I answered my land line (yes, I have one!) telephone this evening and spoke to a guy from Verizon Wireless.  Normally I would cut him off before he finished his first sentence but not this time.  (Perhaps because subconsciously I … Continue reading

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