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A few minutes of clarity

Walking home from Pilates this afternoon, I felt a moment of beautiful clarity and hope. It was gray and misty as I made my way past the lovely brownstones in my neighborhood. My body felt good; my mind seemed clear. … Continue reading

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I’m still here. I recently turned 57 and yes, it’s true, that I have not been blogging or journaling lately. My head feels too full: so many thoughts and feelings coursing through me. It may be time to return to … Continue reading

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This past week I spent nearly six hours with my sister, visiting her at a renowned cancer hospital. After many years of not speaking, only exchanging a few cursory emails a year, we had our reunion in a hospital room. … Continue reading

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Stories about Jane

Jane was my eldest sister. She changed her name to Jane, in the middle of her illness, because she didn’t like the original American name our parents had given her. In the throes of paranoid schizophrenia, she tried many things … Continue reading

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August is the cruelest month

For most of my adult life, August has been the cruelest month. It wasn’t always this way. I used to get excited about the start of a new school year, saying goodbye to the long hot summer and going back … Continue reading

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Misplaced treasures

I was watching some wonderful tennis at the USOpen qualifying tournament recently and wondered why I had not been there in two years. My therapist tells me how important it is to regulate my happiness activities, that with my mood … Continue reading

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My journey to shul on friday

I’ve been going to shul (synagogue) on Friday night (Kabbalat Shabbat) which entails taking 2 subways–first, dragging my ass outside around 530 pm, then walking 5 blocks to the train. Lately I’ve also been juggling all my body therapy appointments … Continue reading

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