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My Girl Scout Duffel Bag

One benefit to a long-term post-surgery recovery process is that you can de-clutter your apartment when the mood strikes. I’ve been discovering books, stationery, letters, stuff that I had forgotten about or thought I had lost all together. Letters my … Continue reading

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Jealousy and FB

I should know better by now, but apparently my life is a work in progress. You can be stupid, small-minded, petty, ridiculous…even at my age. I am disturbed by how jealousy, the green monster, rises from the simple-minded FB newsfeed. … Continue reading

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new year with new opportunities

It’s a new year and I feel new opportunities hovering around me, ready for picking and nurturing.  I need to see with more than just my eyes.  I need to act with more than just ego.  Opportunity sometimes knocks very … Continue reading

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Stress management

This week my therapist told me that I need to exhale and reduce my anxiety because I appeared to be “speeding.”  The last few weeks have been enormously stressful: work has been overwhelming (again); I’m adjusting to my father’s A.D. (Alzheimer’s Disease) and his personality … Continue reading

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