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A few minutes of clarity

Walking home from Pilates this afternoon, I felt a moment of beautiful clarity and hope. It was gray and misty as I made my way past the lovely brownstones in my neighborhood. My body felt good; my mind seemed clear. … Continue reading

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I’m still here. I recently turned 57 and yes, it’s true, that I have not been blogging or journaling lately. My head feels too full: so many thoughts and feelings coursing through me. It may be time to return to … Continue reading

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Walking can be hazardous to your health

I’ve lived in two large cities since my 30’s and I’ve come so close to serious head trauma or near death, just from walking outside. Once I was in a very bad state of mind, recently divorced and newly depressed … Continue reading

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new year with new opportunities

It’s a new year and I feel new opportunities hovering around me, ready for picking and nurturing.  I need to see with more than just my eyes.  I need to act with more than just ego.  Opportunity sometimes knocks very … Continue reading

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Stay calm & continue to carry on

It keeps on keeping on.  More staff turnover at work.  I struggle to stay calm.  I struggle to carry on.  I start to panic–it feels like a mutiny, and why am I still standing?  Where’s my raft?  Everyone who is … Continue reading

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Respite from online dating

I’m done with online dating—for now.  The last guy I fell hard for turns out to be a liar, since he posted several photos of himself on eharmony that were five years old.  Maybe in today’s online community mores, this … Continue reading

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getting started getting fit

We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a physical experience ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin I’ve been so body-bound, but body-ignorant, all my life. I’ve tended to approach life in the way de Chardin denies … Continue reading

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