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Stay calm & continue to carry on

It keeps on keeping on.  More staff turnover at work.  I struggle to stay calm.  I struggle to carry on.  I start to panic–it feels like a mutiny, and why am I still standing?  Where’s my raft?  Everyone who is … Continue reading

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Keep calm & carry on

This week was brutal.  Multiple staff turnovers announced at work, resulting in my own group being shorthanded.  Leaving my tennis club one day, I wasn’t paying attention to cars since the main avenue was cleared of traffic for a street fair.  Then … Continue reading

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Stress management

This week my therapist told me that I need to exhale and reduce my anxiety because I appeared to be “speeding.”  The last few weeks have been enormously stressful: work has been overwhelming (again); I’m adjusting to my father’s A.D. (Alzheimer’s Disease) and his personality … Continue reading

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Leaving NYC

For a few years I have been seriously wondering what it would be like to leave NY permanently.  I have relatives in the pacific northwest and that area is appealing to me for several reasons: green technology, progressive, liberal social views, … Continue reading

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